Thursday, March 23, 2017

South Pole Galley

South Pole Station Galley

The last of our fresh fruit until November

Almost daily fresh cookies.

Powdered milk, coffee, tea, and juices.

South Pole Bar.

A giant crossword puzzle.

Looking at the beer can from the galley.

Ice cream.

The kitchen.

Dish washing area. Hobart the sanitizer.

St. Patrick's Day dinner.

Green cake.

Salads and stewed plums. We are out of fresh greens. Waiting on the growth chamber for our next green salad.

My turn in the dishpit.

In 2013 I arrived here early enough to use a snowmobile. When I arrived on last flight for this winter the snowmobiles were being winterized.

During the winter they can not be used because they will freeze to the ice when stopped.

A sundog or mock sun is an atmospheric phenomenon that consists of bright spots in various locations around the sun.

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  1. The galley is a place I would like to be! Our moms spent their time there and were always content to be fixing food for others. I miss them and you! Jocelyn and Cary provide many meal preps and cooking for me now. I guess we all like to eat! The pictures of the ice seem to show more growth and the flags are the only way to notice the subtle changes. Thanks for sharing your unique perspective. I got a chuckle seeing your smiling face washing dishes! That's a job I can appreciate too! Love always, andee