Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Departing Palmer Station and going home Part 1

Departing Palmer Station onboard the Laurence M. Gould.

The view from the bridge.

A rare flat berg.

Cruising through the Neumayer Channel the Gerlache Straight on a beautiful Antarctic day. After the Gerlache Straight is the infamous Drake Passage.

Porpoising penguins. Photo credit to Ken.

Seals drifting by.

With a Palmer winter behind me I have joined the "Old Antarctic Explorers" club.

We have sailed through the Drake Passage.

Friday, October 12, 2018

My final week at Palmer Station Part 2

Our ride home, the Antarctic Research Vessel Lawrence M. Gould approaches. Five days out of Punta Arenas, Chile. 

Once in the Antarctic Peninsula the ice to water was 70%.

The final mooring of a fine bow line handling team. 

A fine sight with the Lawrence M. Gould moored at Palmer Station. 
After four Antarctic winters one of the end of season highlights is freshies brought by the plane or ship.

A hunting leopard seal chased these seals out of the water. Leopard seals only hunt in the water not on ice or land.

Sunset from the Laurence M. Gould. All the ice has moved out.

The winterover crew has moved onboard the Gould. We leave for Chile tomorrow.

Palmer Station taken from the Gould. 

The Gould's galley snack freezer is well stocked.

Our 2018 winterover picture with a custom frame. Carpenter Rick constructed this beautiful frame from exotic hardwoods and whale bone. The carving detail is amazing. Painting was done by Josh. Great work!
Just the carved frame part! Rick made a tiny Palmer Station.
Just the picture along with the carved and painted sign.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

My final week at Palmer Station Part 1

Running over the glacier on a beautiful evening. Mt. William to the right.

Global warming so apparent. The glacier front face is falling apart even during winter. 

Palmer Station.

Three of the High Frequency (HF) antennas the station uses for long distance radio communications. The third one (NVIS) is attached to the short yellowish pole next to the foremost larger tower Sloping V antenna. The Coni Moni to the right.
After a two day storm.

Many hours were spent shoveling snow.

Skiing after work.

I was running the glacier after work one day when a friend skied down and saw me. He took this picture of me with Mt. William in the background. This was one of my favorite times on the glacier as the weather was perfect and the snow was great for running on.
On October 1st all island travel and hikes to Bonaparte Point stopped due to animals returning for the summer. There hasn't been any boating anyway due to sea ice. This was my last hike to Bonaparte Point. In the foreground is a frozen Hero Inlet then Palmer Station. 
One of my last glacier runs.

Mt. William at 5,200 feet. Would love to climb the left slope.

A reflection sunset. The sun is still behind the clouds.

Sunrise from my room at 0545.