Saturday, September 7, 2019

Skiing and Snow Machine Riding

More beautiful sunsets.

Skiing in Antarctic on several inches of fresh ungroomed powder. Sweet!

Making tracks.

A rest stop.
As I add these pix on Sunday September 1 my family and home in Cape Canaveral, Florida is in the track of the most powerful storm on the planet this year. Winds of 180mph and storm surge of 20 feet plus. My house is only 600 feet from the beach.

A Friday morning commute to the glacier radio sled.
A five minute drive instead of a  35 minute snowshoe hike.

The radio sled is about 1.5 miles from the station on top of the Marr Glacier.
The glacier radio sled need some snow shoveling.

A storm last night blew is a few feet of snow.

Post holing with the largest snow shoes makes for a difficult hike.

I help out Chef Lisa almost daily by working at the pot sink while she cooks. I washed all this during one session and now sending through the Hobart Sanitizer.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Beautiful Antarctic Sunsets


It would be easy to track me down.

With a thunderous crash this iceberg broke off of the Marr Glacier and then drifted by the station. We named this berg Holey Joe. 2/3 of an iceberg is underwater so this was a huge chunk from the glacier face. Global warming.
The Marr Glacier face melts and drops off into the sea.

A cold hike.

A Saturday afternoon glacier run.

Sun setting behind the glacier radio sled I work on.

A flame of fire across Arthur Harbor.

A warm Antarctic evening glow.

The full moon setting on a clear morning.

Another lingering Antarctic glow.

A morning view of Palmer.

My glacier radio sled is looking lonely and in need of attention. It last operated in May. Soon the solar batteries will be charged. 

The thinnest icicle I have ever seen.

Palmer Station to the right. The sea is freezing over.

Most of Hero Inlet is frozen in.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Sun Rising

I have been uploading my Palmer Station videos to YouTube. On the settings (the small gear on the bottom right side of the viewing screen on YouTube) select HD for the best quality.

Sunrise reflecting off the water.

A quiet Palmer Station.

Cool ice formations almost like pasta.

The Marr Glacier face melting away in the winter.

Another cool berg visiting the station.

Whenever a boat is out on the water a rescue boat from the Ocean Search and Rescue (OSAR) team is on the ramp and ready to launch

The sun now rises over the Marr Glacier!

Another glacier hike.

Morning glow across Arthur Harbor.

Another bright sunset.

Pancake ice forming in Hero Inlet.

The moon setting during my early morning hike. Out of focus but still cool.

Hoarfrost. When frost forms as minute ice crystals covering the ground, we just call it all frost. But sometimes the frost grains grow larger and are called hoarfrost crystals. Good hoarfrost is not that uncommon if you watch for it. Hoarfrost grows whenever it's cold outside and there is a ample source of water vapor nearby.

Hoarfrost on the flagline.

Hoarfrost on two rocks.