Saturday, March 18, 2017

Enjoying the last few weeks of sunlight

The sun elevation is 1.14 degrees. The shadows are long.

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South Pole Radio Frequency (RF) Shed. This building contains electronic equipment for SP communications.

Power plant on the left then materials building and vehicle maintenance facility.

The beer can shining bright. This leads to the underground.

The trash sledge. 75% of trash is recycled. 

The main cargo dock with the galley on top.

I have now spent three birthdays in Antarctica - 60, 61, and this picture of my 64th.

Another picture showing the South Pole marker.

A fine flag.

A great way to end my birthday!

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  1. These are some of the best pictures ever and truly share your joy in the adventures at the South Pole. I can see that being outside with the sun is a fantastic experience noticing the shadows and the reflection on the buildings. Yep, that is an amazing sight, one I will never see except through your lenses. Thank you Mike! Take care and get back inside! Love always, andee