Friday, August 10, 2018

More Adventure on Marr Glacier

I have been uploading my Palmer Station videos to YouTube. On the settings (the small gear on the bottom right side of the viewing screen) select HD for the best quality.

Shoveling at the radio repeater again. It is a 5 minute drive or a 40 minute hike.
Another good  snow shoveling at the sled.

The end of Hero Inlet.

A fine machine to drive to work with.

Almost covered with sea ice.

The last of July we finally had good weather. what a wild month of storms.

We are hoping that the sea ice freezes over then we can walk to the islands. It doesn't happen every year. 

A snowy sheathbill walking on the sea ice. He's a fat one. A very lonely life for a bird.

Hiking from the station on the right across the Marr Glacier to Bonaparte Point on the left.

This is the same view from April. What a difference in the hike. Hiking on the snow is so much easier than bouldering. 

Pretty water.

The magnificence of Antarctica.

Two pairs of giant petrels.

A collage of station midwinter greetings showing where the non-continent stations are located. 

A collage showing where the continent stations are located. 

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