Sunday, May 27, 2018

Fishing and seals

I have been uploading my Palmer Station videos to YouTube. On the settings (the small gear on the bottom right side of the viewing screen) select HD for the best quality.

Palmer Station supported the Ride of Silence to honor those world wide who have been injured or killed in a vehicle accident. 

Palmer Station on a fine morning.

A crab-eater seal pup. Notice the bloody ice.

A zodiac working its way through the brash ice.

A beautiful sunset. The pup has moved... reveal a leopard seal bite. He'll be okay.

Hero Inlet filled with blue ice and a few leopard seals.

The dock has been removed for the winter.

Sunrise on a beautiful calm morning.

I bought 6 bags of each while in Punta Arenas. I mix them together for a delicious trail mix.
Off on another boating adventure to help the marine biologists set fish traps. Motoring through the brash ice on a foggy day.

Baiting the traps.

Setting the trap in the water near an island.

Trolling for fish larvae.

Saving what was caught.

Bar ice. 

Heading home.

An overcast and spooky calm day on the water.


  1. You got a it real cush-E this time. Liked the videos

  2. I think you are having more experiences because the weather has been nicer. We all know that you are in the environment that allows you to share these adventures with scientists! BRAVO! I know how much we like to learn and this is one of the best ways to add to your skills and talents! Okay, Now I can complain about the 90 F temperature that is slaying my energy.....sorry. Be safe and keep riding that bike! Love always, andee