Monday, May 28, 2018

A Sunday-Funday Hike

I have been uploading my Palmer Station videos to YouTube. On the settings (the small gear on the bottom right side of the viewing screen) select HD for the best quality.

During the last few months of our around the world bicycle ride my daughter Jocelyn and I met Anthony Bourdain and chef Jose Andres on the street in Washington DC. Jocelyn took this selfie. Bourdain was one of those who inspired us to explore the world. When we returned home we watched all of his Parts Unknown shows and often blurted out, "We were there!" Last year he visited McMurdo Station and the South Pole.

Preparing for a hike up the glacier by attaching traction devices to our boots.

After a few slips and long slides we decided this was not a good day on the glacier. 

We slowly worked our way down to the rock and snow zone. It was really slippery. 

Looking across Arthur Harbor.

The end of Arthur Harbor.

I do have gloves and just removed them for camera work.

We ended up hiking to the end of Arthur Harbor and then along the water back to Palmer Station. 

The white dome in the background is an empty radome.

This guy was really upset and scampered away. 

The Gould has returned. In the middle is the rec hut where one can camp. To the far left is the Earth Station where I work.

The rec hut comfortably sleeps 3. All camping gear, along with ski gear is available.

A fine tiny house...

...with a great view!

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  1. Hello, I might like the tiny house and the view! I don't think there is heat so that might not be so nice. Where is the potty? No need to explain, but try to stay warm and keep your gloves on! Haha! Live it while you can. Love always, andee