Sunday, June 24, 2018

Another fun boating day on Father's Day

Leaving Palmer Station for a day of exploring two new islands.

Mooring the boat involves securing the bow line to the rocks which sometimes has a ring to tie off to. In this picture I am throwing out a stern anchor with a bungee line. In this way the ocean swell will not push the boat onto the rocks. 

Female elephant seals.

Photo credit this and the next one to Steve.

Humble Island has a large penguin colony during the summer. The "birders" attach location transmitters to penguins. The data is received at this field station, which is another of my work stations, and relayed to Palmer Station. 

It's rare to see a swimming seal.

Cool bergs.

Alien Heads!

Working our way through the brash ice.

A rare sighting of an Antarctic Shag.

I am calling Palmer Station to report a landing party ashore on Hermit Island.

Deep snow. 

Much easier then walking.

Kristen hiked to the top.

Photo credit to Steve.

Skuas. Photo credit to Steve.

Kristen, the station chef, and I enjoying a break and laugh.
Back at the boat.
Navigating home.

Driving the boat onto the trailer and climbing off thru the bow pulpit.

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  1. Now I see where these photos were shared. This trip looks mivhty cool, but your smiling face warms my heart. I envy the friends that share your passion for this ice experience. As much as I detest the heat, that snow is as scary as the fire I recently saw in Concord. I hope you continue to smile and take lots of pictures so we can share this with others some day. Take care and Love always, andee