Friday, April 6, 2018

Palmer Station, Antarctica

Arriving at Palmer Station.

Palmer Station, Anvers Island on the Antarctic Peninsula.

A beautiful sunset...

...and moon rise.

There is a one mile hike up this glacier to a radio repeater I maintain.

A radio repeater I will maintain that is a one mile hike up a glacier behind the station.

Dangerous crevasses on the glacier.

Climbing down the glacier onto the rocky "backyard" on the station.

Added traction to my boots.

Icebergs drifting in the Newmayer Channel.

With this winter I will have wintered at all three American stations.

Inside the man-can.

Spare blades for the Gould's props.

The Palmer area is a major humpback whale zone. What a cool artistic depiction of the Gould on top of a humpback. 

I attended Ocean Search and Rescue class on Lake Powell, Arizona. This is our first training session at Palmer.

We didn't get very far as a blizzard stopped us with high winds.

But it was fun though!

Coming from Florida I am not used to this abundance of boating attire.

A long way from last winter at the South Pole.

A drifting iceberg hit bottom and is now stuck in the channel.


  1. Thank you for this post full of pictures that share what you do every day. I wish more friends would tell you how they appreciate your time spent loading these pictures for us to learn more about the places you have worked. I have also shared your Instagram account with several friends who enjoy your picture stories! Love always, andee

  2. Hey Mike, I'll add that I read EVERY WORD and check out each picture! Please keep it up!

    1. Hi Shaun. Nice to hear from you and thank you for the comment. I enjoy hearing from past co-workers. We are expecting near hurricane force winds this afternoon. No boating today!