Saturday, April 7, 2018

Palmer Station Activities

A picture of a picture on the Lawrence M. Gould showing humpback whale research in the Antarctic Peninsula.

A view from my office window.

A few minutes later - the weather changes quickly here.

The stations Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) at its mooring. Hero Inlet can quickly fill with "brash" ice.

One of my many duties is working the bow lines during ship tie-ups.

Cast off the Gould as it will return to Punta Arenas. It will return in a few weeks.

Maneuvering around a grounded iceberg.

Satcom Antenna I work on. The end station is next to where I grew up in Oxnard, California.

Associated equipment in the RF shelter.

A sunrise with two HF antennas that I work on in the foreground. This is called the backyard. Beyond that is a glacier where the radio repeater of a few posts ago is placed.

The view from my dorm room.

The cold beer storage box outside the lounge.

This glacier behind us has very active calving. It sounds like very loud thunder.

Enjoying a beer outside the lounge.

Rick is starting the barbecue outside of the kitchen.

A visiting Gentoo penguin.

A picture of the station from the water's edge. The building in  the foreground is called Bio-Lab which contains all science, the galley, and dorm rooms, including mine, on the third floor.

The Gentoo decided he liked it here so he took a nap.

Another view of Bio-Lab. The galley is on the second floor with balcony. 

This crab eater seal has been hanging around for a few days as there is a leopard seal in the water waiting for him. Leopard seals are very aggressive and dangerous. Seals are just like dogs when they stretch out.

A fine Antarctic station.

A beautiful Antarctic sunset.

What would an Antarctic station be without a popcorn machine.

I brought down my daughter's and mine two books we wrote about our world bicycle journey.

Cool ship orientated collections in the lounge.

That's a can crusher the the middle.

Palmer Station theater.


  1. This adventure has some very interesting places to explore. I think you should be wearing gloves more often! Your work site and lounge area is cool! Thank you for sharing these incredible pictures with us. Take care of yourself!