Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kenn Borek Airlines Basler BT-67

Another Kenn Borek Airlines plane from Calgary, Canada landed at the Pole for refueling. The Basler cruises at 195 knots, with a range of over 2,000 miles. It carries 18+ passengers. The crew brought in more fresh fruit and vegetables. This week I am living large with two bananas, an orange, and fresh squash in my salad.

Another Arctic aircraft is the Basler BT-67. This aircraft is built on a retrofitted Douglas DC-3 airframe.

Its configuration makes the Basler suitable for long distance operations between Antarctic destinations and flies with a crew of four.

This "taildragger" is used by the Australian Antarctic Program.

A retractable wheeled ski equipped undercarriage with an aerosurface for more lift.

A very interesting configuration.

Indiana Jones flies a DC-3!

The Basler rear wheel is not boarded so it digs quite a path into the ice.

Video of Basler South Pole landing.

After a 4 day weather delay at the South Pole the Basler finally taxis to the skiway for a flight to McMurdo.

The heat from the engine exhaust creates a fog. 

I talked with one of the crew members. This has been their longest transit yet at 3 weeks. A normal deployment from Calgary to McMurdo is 8 days. He said it is an exciting trip but weather delays can make it rather brutal.

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