Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Sunrise ceremony day - Flags, Dinner, and Triathlon

The sunrise flag ceremony. We replaced the flags removed at the sunset ceremony. At a drawing I won the South African flag on the left. In November I will remove this flag and take it home. It will be cool having a flag that was flown at the South Pole.

The South Pole Winterover 2013 crew. I am to the left and back row of the South sign (without a cover on to stand out). The signs designate 90 degrees South latitude. This picture will be enlarged, names added, framed and hung inside the station along with all the winterover pictures since 1956. What an honor!

Another fun South Pole run. I love running on the beach at home but here is so unique and special. My running shoes have warming inserts, my toes are sandwiched in toe warmers. I then put on a 2nd pair of socks into which I insert several packets of hand warmers. I am also layered top and bottom. It takes a lot of time preparing for my run but I am good for about 75 minutes. The green Patagonia jacket provides for a total wind block. My "Darth Vader" mask provides for warm and moist air so my lungs don't burn. No matter what people apply or do to their goggles they immediately ice up. 

The back of the station with the beer can shining in the sunrise. The beer can contains a stairwell from the second floor of the station to 60 feet under the station.

On the left is the logistics entrance and to the right the Vehicle Maintenance Facility or garage. These areas were almost totally covered and just dug out.

The power plant on the left. The beer can stairwell provides underground access to these areas.

It is interesting to see how the ice adheres to cables.

This is a cargo crane motor.

View from my room.
Sunrise Dinner on Saturday September 21st.

We have had three special meals this winter - Sunset, Midwinter, and now Sunrise.
The view of the ceremonial South Pole from the galley.

 Taken from the galley. Looks like maybe a snowboarder's delight. Although it may be a little steep I can picture them carving up and down this wall. At the beginning of winter you could walk out of the beer can stairs, on the bottom right, straight to the South Pole marker unseen to the left.
A grilled shrimp appetizer.

Incredibly delicious spicy fish soup.

Working the grill. All meals were made to order individually.

I had shrimp, broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms and Thai noodles with a peanut sauce.

The serving was so large I immediately put aside a portion for later.

The 6th Annual South Pole Sunrise Sprint Triathlon

15 minutes of rowing, 1st place: 3,491 meters - 150 meters shy of the record.

10 minutes on the Lifecycle, 2nd place: 5.14 miles

25 minutes of running laps in the passageway, 32.5 lengths.
The old guy won! I covered a total of 9.48 miles, 2nd place was 8.75 miles. I have been training all season for this event.
1st place prize. I have always wanted to be a pilot. Maybe this is the start. New Zealand is a great place for the first flight.

$140 gift certificate.


  1. Wow Mike! Another good thing that youare in such great shape. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures and your humble words about your accomplishments! Old guys rule! I bet the beach is really going to be "cool" for you and I hope that these final weeks of hurricane season will be calm. Take care and love always, Andee

  2. Thanks again Andee. I hope the ocean doesn't cool down too quickly. I have read that Cocoa Beach surfing has been really poor this year. Maybe it will pick up when I get home.