Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inside the station pictures

An 840 mile trip to McMurdo. You log your miles from various exercises.

Fun but challenging. The cross at the end is Vince's Cross at Hut Point, McMurdo.

It is not a race but a goal of exercising.

Some ski to the South Pole.

Looks like a fun but exhausting challenge.

Some race to the South Pole.

Some race at the Pole. The world's southernmost marathon.

The Hall of History. Pictures and names of everyone that has wintered at the South Pole starting in 1957.

100 year anniversary pictures.The last two years winterovers superimposed on the pictures of the Amundsen and Scott expeditions.

The entrance to the galley.

The serving line.
The cooking station with serving line in front. The cabinets below contain lots of snack foods including crackers, cookies, Ramen noodles, etc.

This winter lounge was just added. During the summer it is all tables and chairs. Bar in the back.

A galley window view of the ceremonial South Pole.

Another window view of the geographic South Pole. At midnight the sun shines directly in these windows.

The leftover fridge available 24 hours a day. On Sundays the galley staff is off so we fend for ourselves including cleanup.

Toast and microwave section.

Coffee, tea, milk, and juices.

Along with an ice cream station!
One of my favorite stations - cereal. Yes, that is Fruit Loops on the left!

I ran 4 miles on the South Pole Ski-way (the LC-130 runway). It was fairly well hardpacked except for some snow drifts. The temps were -48 degF ambient and -77 windchill but I was well layered.
The South Pole Ski-way.

I started writing part 2 (New Zealand tour) of the Father and Daughter Bicycling Adventures. I wrote part 1(2011 cross country journey) in McMurdo last year.

On the left side is my current writing. On the right is from my entry.

I have all my pictures categorized by trip day on the right computer. It makes for an easy picture/story reference.


  1. I am so happy to see these pictures of your daily life and the routine things we all do to survive. You mention the temperature outside as if that is just fine...and we were so cold last week as the temp went below +50 degrees! Cary and I just drove to No. Carolina and back in two days...and that was a quick easy trip by car. You have to think a lot more about going on your trips to the dishes outside....
    Your computer writing station is set up nicely and I know that you will get this second book done before we can print the first. I have that project on the top of my list, so I can have a book on your desk when you return. You are in our thoughts and we speak about you often.
    Take care and stay warm! Love always, Andee

  2. After -50 degF it doesn't matter. Glad the truck cooperated. Probably need new tires though.
    I am not writing a 2nd book but a part 2 to the first book. Without Jocelyn writing there wasn't enough for a book. Part 2 should add 50 pages or so.

  3. wow. that skiway picture has an awesome perspective to it!