Sunday, March 24, 2013

First salad, sundog, and flagging the cargo berms

The South Pole Growth Chamber (greenhouse) produces! My first salad in 7 weeks.

And with endamenes!

A sundog is a natural phenomena that occurs when the air is filled with ice crystals and the sun is low on the horizon. The reflection produces 'dogs' on both side of the sun at 22 degrees and connected by a halo. They can be much more prominent that this but this is the first one I've seen here.

I never thought retirement could be so much fun! A winter chore is too flag the cargo berms with bamboo poles so that when summer arrives we can find the cargo berms again.

Hand auguring into the ice is really tough.

The doc and I were "the old guys" team. We dragged the sledge filled with bamboo poles and set them every 20 paces.

I really do enjoy getting outside for these volunteer jobs. I felt like an old Antarctic explorer.

A nice two hour diversion from my work.

I ran to the end of the LC-130 Ski-way Sunday morning.

The end of the world - a vast South Pole desert. This could be the surface of a distant planet.

The South Pole Station as seen from the end of the Ski-way.

My jogging attire. A few more clothes than my beach runs at home. Inside my shoes are full length shoe warmers along with toe warmers on the top and bottom of my toes and covered with another sock. Probably one of the more unique places to run in the world.
Game room.

Pool, Foosball, bar, darts, lots of board games, and the paperback section of the library.

The TV lounge...

where VHS is king!

The laundry room. No quarters required.

Soap and dryer sheets provided.

Lettuce going strong.

We just had our second salad.


  1. Your garden is looking better than mine at this time! Thanks for sharing this adventure and I think your running is amazing. I hope to ride to Cocoa Beach tomorrow, in about 70 inspire me! Jocelyn would enjoy the entertainment room!

  2. We are now eating salads almost everyday and I am still running outside if the wind is down.