Thursday, July 13, 2017

More pictures from the RF domes and a few videos

Outstanding panoramic picture of the ceremonial South Pole flags along with the Milky Way galaxy and aurora. Photo credit: Martin Wolf

The following two pictures of the RF domes by Matt Smith.

An LMC tracked vehicle that I drove while the sun was still up. We have taken many trips to RF in the last few weeks. On one of the trips the wind was blowing directly in our face at over 25 mph. This was very dangerous to walk back to the station with so I called a friend Les on my radio who drove out and picked us up. The vehicles do not operate at under -73 but fortunately it was a bit warmer than that. When the wind blows the temperature increases. The following two videos show the ride back to the station. 

During a South Pole winter Christmas is celebrated in July!

The galley is decorated for Christmas.

Even the dishpit is decorated. 
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in July with our Milky Way galaxy as a backdrop. Photo credit: Matt Smith


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. We can never understand how you survive in that extremely cold environment. Proud of you and hope that the days pass quickly. Love always, andee