Sunday, November 3, 2013


LC-130 Hercules.

My chariot awaits!

Incoming summer crew meeting outgoing winterovers.

My friend Paul from McMurdo winter 2012. Unfortunately we only had a 5 minute chat.

Fuel being removed for station use. 

Time to board. 

There was only five of us leaving on this flight.

It was a cool flight. Wearing noise cancelling headphones as it is very noisy. The pee can is behind the curtain.

The rear ramp.

Looking forward. 32 flew in and 5 left. Lots of room.

The view was fantastic as we crossed over the Trans Antarctic Mountain range.

Beautiful glaciers.

More glaciers.

On the sea ice runway, McMurdo Sound. In another month this will be melted.

It's almost like being home!

One of the fuel bladders that will be dragged on the South Pole traverse next month. 

Hotel California, McMurdo Station at +14 F. It is so warm here! Met a lot of friends I will meet tonight. 


  1. You will feel warmer every day and then it will be time for the A/C in Florida! We look forward to hearing you complain and talk about the cool Pole. I hope you will find time to share more pictures of your future adventures as you explore New Zealand on your flying lesson plane trip. Have fun and be safe! Love always, andee

    1. No complaints from me. I gave my flying lesson to a friend. No time.