Monday, August 12, 2013

It's a jungle inside!

A recent picture of the South Pole ceremonial marker. What a beautiful world! Photo Credit: Andrew  
This picture from the 2nd floor Observation Deck shows how cold it is. Photo Credit: Andrew
I have completed my exercise round trip running, biking, and rowing to McMurdo and back. As soon as daylight appears I will be back running the LC-130 skiway!

Penciled on the way to McMurdo and covered by red marker on the return. 
I left the Pole on February 18 and arrived in McMurdo May 14th.
The return was complete August 1st. 1,680 miles total. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. 

We have been eating a fresh salad almost everyday along with a large variety of delicious homemade dressings. Not only is it delicious with many types of lettuce, including kale, and other vegetables cut up in it but it is a great morale booster. McMurdo Greenhouse was condemned and is out of operation. Last year we ate a salad about once a week but that was for 150 people. 

It's a real jungle inside!

Sometimes it seems like we are eating weeds but it sure beats regular lettuce from the store.

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