Thursday, July 11, 2013

The 100th Anniversary of the South Pole Achieved

The following pages are from the 100th anniversary of the South Pole (1911-2011) achieved brochure produced by the National Science Foundation.   

click on first picture and scroll down to read.


  1. This is a very interesting addition to your blog. I like the way it opens with the pages very nicely displayed.
    Keep letting us know what is happening down there as you are beginning to see the changes in the winter weather. Thanks for the call, and I know you are getting excited to finish your book. Your Ice adventures would be another great way to inform people, maybe an online ebook.
    Love always, Andee

  2. Thanks Andee. The NSF did a nice job on the brochure. Can't even think about another book right now. The current one I'm working is just so tedious and labor consuming. I'll never look at a library again the same way. I visit the one here several times a week to browse and nap. I now know what it took to get a book published and in a library. A library is a huge labor of love.

  3. Definitely liked how the brochure explained the sciences behind the icecube and telescope in simpler terms. The mystery behind neutrinos and dark matter is truly inspiring. Mass Effect's (a very popular sci-fi game with a huge budget) story must have been inspired by this too. The humans and other races of the galaxy use dark matter to "warp" around the galaxy with space ships. Travel relays act like beacons for drawing in dark matter and light while also propelling the ship forward at warp speeds. There's a video if you wanna see a trailer for the game...though it may not ever load onto your comp. oh well ;/

    1. Thanks Cary. The science here is really cool. I tried looking at the YouTube videos you sent but after watching the loading circles go around and around and after 45 minutes nothing happened. Oh well.

  4. Oh and if that doesn't impress you...this will. Mass Effect in star wars mode :P

  5. Watching "Serenity" (the firefly series movie) tonight with mom. Mom definitely liked the series. Can't wait for the battle at the end :D